Elevators' shafts custom platform

Suspended custom platforms for elevator shafts is designed for variety of usages for example shafts painting, concrete fixing but mostly for installing the construction of the elevators.

The platform is supported by one or two hoists (depends on the platform shape and size) and it is hanged on steel cables. The platform will be fixed to a guideline strips which will add stability and comfort to the user.

Basic specifications:

  • Working heights 300 meters
  • Platform size is according to client request
  • Hoist capacity 800 kg
  • Safe working load 350 kg
  • Safety lock on guideline strips (released while special designed paddle is pressed)
  • 2 X Over speed safety break
  • Centrifugal break
  • overload device.
  • Top limit switch
  • The platform is following European and Israeli standard.