MAST climbing working platform is the most flexible tool for any façade work that requires high load capacity or complicated reaching for new construction or restoration. Compared to other scaffolding, the MAST platform offers greater efficiency, better safety, more stability at height and higher productivity (work will require less workers and be completed in a shorter time).

The combination of these factors made MAST the preferable solution during new construction, cladding, façade repair, glazing, painting, or any task that requires elevation workers and heavy load materials (everything from block and brick work to heavy stone pieces).

According to the building shapes and conditions, our in-house welding workshop is able to fit custom designs to supply bended platforms structures & different types of extensions (fixed and folded- cantilever length- up to 4 meters).

Basic specifications:

  • Structure can be single or double electric motor unit
  • working heights up to 250 meters
  • platform length up to 30 meters
  • safe working load up to 4 tons
  • Centrifugal break for manual descending
  • emergency breaks
  • overload device
  • anti-tilt device
  • up-down limit switch
  • all safety device are according to the European and British standard