Rope Suspended Platform

Suspended scaffolds are platforms suspended by steel cables, from an overhead structure, equipped with electric hoists to permit the platform to be raised and lowered on to the cables.

Roofing system may include: ∙ beam stands with counter weight ∙ adjustable clamps or Davit (Pistol) which are constructed onto reinforced concrete or steel surfaces ∙ Systems with Anchor and cables supports ∙ other Tailor-made solution.

Suspended Scaffolding are used for varied works; it allows access to any unreachable spots of outside walls or peers of high buildings or unusual complicated structure – to construct: ∙ curtain walls ∙ plaster ∙ terracotta ∙ Aluminum Composite Panels; and for ∙ grinding ∙ cleaning ∙ repairing ∙ waterproofing ∙ or other maintenance activity

Basic specifications:

  • Hoists are up to 800 Kn
  • Hoist with centrifugal break for manual descending.
  • Over speed safety break
  • Overload and anti-tilt devices
  • Platform length: 2 – 16 meters.
  • Hoists are posted on the back of the cradle providing no interference during work.
  • Shapes: any forms or angle, including 3600 (O shape), 900 (L shape), T shape.
  • The platform is following European and Israeli standard.